Connected Health at a Lower Cost

A Touchless Health Experience When and Where You Need It


Connexion will change the way we experience health. It is already available in a variety of form factors — from booths to built-in rooms —and it is being deployed to pro sports teams, health systems, insurers, and large employers. Connexion will give everyday consumers access to AI-powered, touchless health screenings at their place of work, at the gym, in retail locations, and even at home with home-appropriate form factors that are now under development. By meeting consumers where they are, Connexion empowers people with a better healthcare experience at a fraction of the cost.

Clients and Partners

We’ve teamed up with these clients and partners in order to transform the way we manage, understand, and improve our health through AI-powered technology, IoT, and greater connectivity.

Use Case

"31% of health-related absences from work are musculoskeletal-related"
Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Department of Labor, 2015

Fusionetics+ App / Employee Health

The Challenge: About a third of all health-related absences from work are caused by musculoskeletal injuries or disorders.

The Solution: By coupling Connexion’s advanced AI and sensor technology with Fusionetics’ best-in-class Movement Efficiency Screening in the first Connexion app, Fusionetics+, we are able to assess a person’s full-body movement in less than eight minutes as accurately as a trainer and provide personalized remediation programs in real time.

Insurers are currently working with Connexion to create new plans for large employers who will utilize Connexion with the Fusionetics+ app to reduce the cost of musculoskeletal injuries.

The Result: The application of Connexion in the workplace potentially results in a reduction in time spent away from work, a lower workers’ compensation cost, and a proactive injury prevention outcome for healthy employees to enjoy.


Dr. Manny Romero, Head Athletic Trainer, Sacramento Kings

“…By capturing an unprecedented amount of player data and unlocking deep insights into their performance and health, Connexion is a truly groundbreaking technology. We look forward to leveraging Connexion to streamline our training operations and maximize our players’ performance potential, which will help us reach our goal of becoming one of the most successful teams in the NBA.”