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About OS

Connexion OS uses advanced AI to integrate a myriad of sensor data streams that independently would be incoherent. It syncs data derived from a laser, multiple cameras, IR, and microphones to provide incredibly precise analytics. More importantly, Connexion OS apps can enhance their capabilities with a unique, proprietary AI that allows them to guide people to better overall health outcomes.

Recently Added:



Assess your movement efficiency with a series of exercises and receive personalized training programs to improve performance, enhance recovery, and reduce risk of injury.

Coming Soon:



Improve the brain’s ability to form new neural connections with personalized games that utilize artificial intelligence to analyze brain response. The emerging field of neuroplasticity shows amazing promise in diverse areas ranging from ADHD, anxiety, and even autism.

For Developers

ConnexionOS provides a development platform based on open standards that allow third parties to develop the next generation of cutting edge health applications that will run inside the Connexion. To learn more about creating Connexion apps, developers can access documentation by registering.